Slaked Lime Ca(OH)2

Hydrated Lime





Super Grade (SSHA) ≧95%      
High Grade (SHA) ≧93%      
First Grade (SHB) ≧90%      
Nomal Grade (SHC) ≧88%      

Also according to customer needs, specifications customized for other , Such as  specific surface area (BET),Pore Value, Other  impurity  content  restrictions (SiO2、Fe、S and Mg etc.)。

There are  four sets of  independent  factory  production line, the daily  production capacity  of about 200  tons of  sixteen raw material  tanks,  can  accommodate up to 1,200  tons of quick lime,fifteen product  storage  tanks , can hold about  600 tons  slaked lime. , six bulk tank  car。 Therefore,  the  company  started  from raw materials  into the  plant, the  raw material  tank, the production line  and finished  the last  slot  to the client  by  special  tankers  are  subject to stringent  quality  control 。

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